I'm Back. I'm Married. I Have Pictures.

Sarah is a rock star and she's already posted her faves from our wedding.

Go, Go, Go!!!


5 days.

I was pretty sure that, at this point, we'd be ready. All the details taken care of. Done and Done.

And we are. Almost.

But there are still a million things running through my head at any given moment. And I still have a hard time falling asleep at night because I'm constantly checking items off my to-do list and adding new ones.

Mostly we're just excited. And more than ready to be married. We can finally stop splitting our time between LA and OC, and we can start doing all the things we've talked about and dreamed about for years. It's a nice feeling.

We're also really looking forward to spending some time here....

Aaahh, Cancun.

Easy to get to, warm tropical waters, really good food, and everything is cheap. Our kind of place. And my mom graciously offered us the use of her timeshare, so our gorgeous condo is free.

We considered going somewhere a bit more exotic, or adventurous, or whatever. But we have the rest of our lives for that. And when all this planning is over, and we've just finished hosting a party for 100 people, we're really going to need a week of pure bliss. And lots and lots of sleep.

It's hard to believe it's so close! I can't wait to share all of our wedding details with you. We've kept a lot of things secret and I'm just itching to do the big reveal.

Where are you going (or where did you go) on your Honeymoon? Did you plan out an itinerary or just wing it?