Lauren and Jeff: A Vintage E-session by Ashley Rose

I've been holding onto these images by Ashley Rose for... well, way too long. Between my new job and my other blog, I've definitely neglected poor little Mason Jar Bride.

But in addition to being Mother's Day (love you Mom!), it's also my birthday (!), which means I've had absolutely zero obligations today and I finally had the chance to sit down and share this beautiful Engagement Session with you.

I first met Lauren back when I was working at The White Dress. She was one of the kindest, sweetest, and most adorable brides I ever had the pleasure of working with. I helped her choose her gorgeous Cymbeline wedding gown and I know she is going to make an absolutely radiant bride. I hope she and Jeff will let me share some pictures from their upcoming wedding too!

Lauren is also one of the luckiest brides you could ever meet, because she has a rockstar team behind her. She hired my coordinator/co-designer/florist/all-around-wonder-woman Jesi Haack, plus she's got the talented eye of Miss Ashley Rose behind the lens.

Lauren and Jeff are obviously smitten with each other and they have style to boot! I know y'all are going to LOVE their Engagement Session. Enjoy :)

Lauren, Jeff, and Ashley: Thanks so much for letting me share these gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to see shots from the wedding day!