so i sorta have a crush on these guys...

The balloons, the books, her SKIRT??!?! fab.

Plus, those are two of my most favorite, never-get-sick-of albums.

If these guys lived anywhere near us, I kinda think they'd be our new best friends.

Sarah Rhoads photography, via Snippet & Ink.


Some Merry for Your Mantel

Our little apartment doesn't have a fireplace, but that's not gonna stop me from hanging Christmas stockings! I'm LOVING these modern felt creations from Etsy seller rikrak.

What's the best thing you've ever found in your Christmas stocking?



I have been waiting and waiting to see pictures from Erin and Chuck's wedding. They are here and they are lovely. Erin is a girl after my own heart and her vintage-inspired wedding at the Dana Powers House was AMAZING.

Emilia Jane, another of my favorite bloggers, baked all the cupcakes and served as Erin and Chuck's day-of coordinator. Both ladies have such rad style, I'm not surprised that all the little details were absolute perfection.

And did you see that veil? I'm DY.ING.

See all the loveliness on Once Wed, Veiled Vows, and Corbin Gurkin's blog.

love notes

Naturally Nina is one of my favorite daily reads... Nina and her fiance, Simon, seem like such a sweet couple! And how cute is this:

"every monday for the last year my love has written me a special note. i laid them all out on the floor tonight and read them all again.

and then i realized... every monday, for the rest of my life, i'm going to wake up excited to read his note. and if we're lucky, and we live for another 50+ years, i'll be the receiver of over two thousand love notes.

awww. I just love love. Don't you?



I LOVE Wiley Valentine's insanely chic stationery, so imagine my surprise and delight when I saw our wedding featured on their blog! Yaaaaay!!! Thanks ladies!

Wiley Valentine's entire collection is on display at Urbanic, a paper boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice... Curt's been promising me a trip to Abbot Kinney since before the wedding, so I'll definitely be dragging him into this store... thank-you notes maybe?

*image from Green Wedding Shoes

I want to look like this.

That coat is just killing me. And the boots too. But mostly the coat.

Visit The Sartorialist to see lots more Burberry goodness.


like, woah.

Hard to believe it's already been a month.

It's weird settling into this new reality and thinking, "This is my home now. And that's my husband." It's weird and surreal but it's AWESOME. And I'm loving this new role of "wife."

Yup, married life is pretty cool.

P.S. Jesi Haack, my ROCKSTAR coordinator/floral designer/all around superwoman did a really sweet post about our wedding including a couple of never-before-seen pics. Go check it out!

*photo by the incomparable Sarah K. Chen


vintage lovelies

All from one of my fave Etsy shops, Timeless Vixen. All totally wedding-appropriate.

Someone PLEASE get one! Just, uh, good luck fitting into it. The last time I had a 24-inch waist, I was probably in, like, 5th grade. Yikes.


Tons of LOVE from the Wedding Chicks!

I'm ridiculously thrilled because the Wedding Chicks are featuring our wedding all day today!!

Amy and Jocey are two of the sweetest ladies ever, plus they have a great sense of style and they always feature the most incredible weddings on their site.

It's been so fun blogging for the Wedding Chicks as one of their WC Brides... Amy and Jocey assembled a really fun group and it's so great to see all the ideas from brides around the country and around the world! You can read my posts by clicking here.

They had to split our wedding into four different posts because Sarah, our photographer, sent them so many great images! There are a few new ones in there that I've never seen before... so exciting!!!

Go check out each post and leave some comments!