Happy Halloween!

Here's a picture from our first Halloween together....

Love you babe! Wish we could be spending Halloween together this year, but I know there are many more to come!



*Disclaimer: This is coming from a bride on an itty-bitty budget.

But SERIOUSLY???? $1,300,000.00!
Link to Crazy $$$ Wedding

I mean, sure, there's the 40 ocean-view villas, the custom wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses by Carolina Herrera, and the celebrity entertainment....


I just don't know if I could ever, EVER justify dropping over $1 mil. on ONE DAY. Could you?

BTW, check out the rest of Neiman Marcus's Christmas Book for more insane fantasies.

P.S. sorry for being so M.I.A. this past week. I'll try to be a more responsible blogger...


We love Sarah!

As promised... a full post dedicated to the incredibly talented Sarah K. Chen.

For us, photography was pretty much priority numero uno from the very beginning. We knew we wanted someone with a fresh, unique style, combined with impeccable skill. Sarah certainly fits the bill! Based on her blog and our e-mail correspondences, she seems like an amazing woman and we can't wait to meet her and have her take pretty pictures of us!

Here's some eye candy. Oh yum.


PR Season 5 Finale!!!!!


Ok, so I know everyone hates Kenley... but I still dig her retro style, despite the biatch attitude.

And dude, I would SO wear that wedding dress.

Here on the West Coast, the finale isn't over yet, so I don't know who the winner is. I honestly like all three of the designers... but I think I'd put my money on Leanne.

We shall see....

*UPDATE* Congrats to Leanne "Petals" Marshall, winner of PR Season 5!


Happy Feet

One of the first things I did after getting engaged was start looking for a photographer. We figured since it was the one thing that was actually going to last, we were willing to devote a significant portion of our budget to finding someone who could capture all the love, excitement, and fun of our wedding day. Enter Sarah K. Chen. I'll definitely do a full post on Sarah soon, but trust me, her work is fan-freakin-tastic, so pleeeeease do yourself a favor and go check out her blog. Like, now. I'll wait.

Ok, so after perusing Sarah's entire blog (multiple times), I comprised a list of "must have" shots, i.e. shots I CANNOT WAIT to hang in our house. At the top of the list is the Shoe Shot.

from Sarah K. Chen

from Sarah’s own wedding, courtesy of the amazing Jose Villa

another incredible Jose Villa shot

...and one from the fabulous Amy Squires

Great shoes + Great photographers = SWOON. In fact, it was these shots that inspired me to buy these bad boys:


Hecks yeah I’m wearing purple ostrich skin shoes at my wedding. The hard part is resisting the temptation to wear them now. I’ve resorted to keeping them at the future in-laws’ house so I don’t take them out for a test drive. But the best part? After the wedding, I’ll be able to wear them again. And again. And again.

Anyone else wearing a non-traditional wedding shoe?


The Low-down

Curt and I have known each other since we were 14. We took lots of "smart kid" classes together in high school (notice the fancy white robes), and I thought he was the hottest nerd I had ever seen.

But he was a jock, and I was into musical theater. So despite our shared nerdiness, we were just too different.... or so we thought.

I had always hung out with an older crowd (which might make me sound cool, but trust me, I wasn't...), so when I entered my senior year of high school, I suddenly found myself all alone. I discreetly merged into another group, comprised of people who are now some of my best friends, and lo and behold, also included my future husband.

We officially became an "item" on November 24, 2004. Now, four years later, we're planning our wedding.

And may I just say, folks, this party's gonna be off the heezy! We are so excited with how things are coming together, and considering our immense adoration of the internet and all its glory, a blog seemed like the perfect way to document the process.

Dear readers, if you exist yet, please feel free to jump in at any time... I would love to hear your feedback as I share my ideas and inspiration. Hooray for the blog-munity!


I'm Jumping on It

.... the bandwagon, that is. I'm finally joining all those other blogging brides-to-be, because I can no longer resist the temptation.

I've been engaged for almost a year, so I've had plenty of time to think, plan, and lust over all kinds of wedding-related things that I can't afford.

Now is as good a time as any to get started... there are exactly 365 days to go, and I've got a whole lot to share.

So, welcome to my blog!