Thank you, Mr. Bovitz.

Lucky us! Curt's boss has season tickets to Dodger Stadium, but was in Oregon yesterday for a business meeting and offered us his seats. Hooray for one of our first rites of passage as responsible Angelenos! So we got to watch the Dodgers lose to the Colorado Rockies 3-0. Sure, it's a bit of a bummer that they lost, but the seats were great! And everyone knows that baseball is all about the food anyway...

World Famous Dodger Dog! (Not the most attractive picture, sorry about that...)

The coolest part was that they let everyone on the field after the game and put on a great fireworks show. Complete with Patriotic songs. You know that Ray Charles version of "America the Beautiful"? It ALWAYS reminds me of The Sandlot.

Brand new shiny shoes ($30 at Marshalls, yo!) on the most beautifully maintained grass in Los Angeles... Seriously, that stuff is so strong, you'd think it was fake.

excited for fireworks!

Are y'all doing anything exciting for the 4th? I'm SO looking forward to having a Saturday off!


{The Perfect Palette} said...

looking forward to having a 3 day weekend- just relaxing and spending time with friends & family :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

we just wanted to let you know that we've added you to our blog roll.

anna and the ring said...

Can't say I understand baseball as a Brit but I could get on board with the food!