Bridal Shower... better late than never :)

It's been almost 3 weeks (yikes!) since my bridal shower... sorry I'm so late posting these! Still thought y'all might enjoy them, and I know certain friends and family members keep nagging me to put them up, so... here ya go.

My lovely Maid of Honor, Sarina, was an amazing hostess. Everything was flawless!

Perfect setting, perfect weather...

perfect food...

everything was delish!

I think the highlight of the day for everyone (except me) was the marshmallow game. I knew it was coming... I had subjected my sister and one of my best friends (both bridesmaids) to the game for their bridal showers, so it was only fair :) It really is a great ice breaker and if you ever have to host a bridal shower, make sure you throw this one in.

Here's how it works: Before the shower, someone contacts the groom with a list of 20 questions about his personality, preferences, life experiences, ideals, etc. (e.g. "Should the toilet paper roll go over or under?", "What one thing would you like to have an unlimited supply of?", "What's the most you've ever spent on a concert ticket?" Then, the bride gets quizzed about his responses. For every wrong answer, the bride has to put a marshmallow in her mouth... it's like "Chubby Bunny," remixed.

I did pretty well, but my mom was the one who came up with the questions, and some of them were really hard!! Curt told me later that he didn't even know how to answer them, so he wasn't sure if I'd be able to.

I think Sarina had way too much fun asking the questions.

By the last few questions, my mouth was so full of marshmallows that I had to write my answers down on paper instead of saying them out loud.

One of the questions must have had me pretty stumped!

My mama flew in from Denver so she could come to the shower and spend a little time in our new apartment. It was SO HOT in the valley that weekend, but she toughed it out.

Ava gets the prize for best baby EVER. She was so good and she made friends with everyone there.

yummy snickerdoodle cupcakes!

a sexy nightie from Kathryn! woo-hoo!!

ridiculously adorable apron from Becky... I wear this every time I wash dishes because the faucet is situated really high and water splashes everywhere.

And another apron that Lisa made for me! LOVE it. These ladies must know how much time I spend in the kitchen :)

About 9 weeks to go... How are the rest of you October brides feeling??


Nicole-Lynn said...

You look adorable! I'm glad you had a great time. Both aprons are too cute!!

Nell said...

I love the marshmallow game! Well probably because I am married, and I just have to plan the showers now :)

Thanks for sharing ! You look adorable even with your mouth full!!

Chaotic Bliss said...

Does Lisa have an etsy store? LOL I just adore that apron..so cute!