Wishpot = My Current BFF

Y'all, it is crazy fun times to see pretty little presents being reserved on our wishpot wish list every day! Our friends and family members are super generous and we love them :)

The thing is, I think we need to add more items! Not that we really need more stuff, and honestly we're hoping that people will choose to gift us with cash or gift cards, but apparently people really love buying presents... all the big-ticket items are being snatched up first.

So... would y'all do me a huge favor and take a look at our wishpot? I'd love to hear your ideas, feedback, whatever. Is there anything important that we forgot? Anything fun we could add?

Click here to see our wish list, then throw me your ideas!

BTW, we've also updated our website a little bit, and you can check that out here.

3 weeks to go! so excited.


Chocolate Lover said...

how about a nice salad bowl with serving utensils?

Rebekah said...

Oh, I've fallen in love with Wishpot! What a fabulous way to register. :)

My fiance and I like such an eclectic mix of things that we were going to end up registering at two dozen different stores. Then Wishpot to the rescue! :)

We've registered for a couple of games we like to play. Old favorites like Monopoly and Scrabble.