It's Been 6 Months

...and I still have my bouquet. How many brides can say that?!

It's hard to believe it's only been six months since our wedding day... it feels like we've been married for years! Even after such a short time being married, our love for each other has deepened in ways I couldn't have predicted or imagined. It's awesome.

And... I have a bit of an announcement to make. I don't know if any of you have been wondering why my posts have been so scarce around here, but yes, I do have a good reason, and no, I'm not pregnant. (We're gonna wait a few more years for kiddies.)

The thing is, Curt and I started a new project together a couple months ago. I'd like to introduce you all to...

I won't try to describe it here because it really can't be summed up... but I'll just say that it has a little something for everyone. So go check it out, leave us a comment, follow us on twitter and be our fan on facebook! pretty pretty please?

So there ya go, that's why MJB has been getting quieter and quieter. But I do have the rest of my recaps and a few other things lined up. So stay tuned, and come visit me over on GBM too!




the southern hostess said...

I love it. Succulents are amazing.

honey my heart said...

how amazing that your bouquet is still alive! just checked out GBM, it's awesome :)

{The Perfect Palette} said...

awesome bouquet and congrats on the new project.

Teresa said...

This may very well be the greatest thing ever. Literally.

Mrs. Dexter said...

I love this! I too used succulents in our wedding and they are planted all around our garden. Every time I come home I am greeted with them and it makes me so happy. LOVE your blog.

dognbird said...

Congrats on the new endeavor and I love that you potted your gorgeous bouquet. Happy earth day!

Kelly said...

love the succulent idea. so eco-friendly and cool to have a living legacy from your special day.

postcards and pretties said...

great idea...i found you thru dognbird

Jenn said...

Congratulations. This picture is awesome and genius! I love it.

Knot_Anja said...

That is SO friggin cool! I'm totally giving you a shoutout on TheKnot.com tomorrow. LOVE!

Anonymous said...

yo, lady. when are you going to finish recapping your wedding?

Bridgette said...

Hey there. I've never commented on a blog before but I just had to. I just love love LOVE your flowers!!! And really your whole wedding was just...lovely. I just got engaged and am booking Marvimon too. Quick question for you...who did your catering there? It looks like you had a help-yourself margarita bar too; was that through the caterer? So clever... Anyways, not sure how this works but if you have any info on that caterer I'd be oh so grateful! Thanks so much, bridgette :)
p.s. my email is chambliss.bridgette@gmail.com

elsie j said...

i just found your blog =) i love succulents! i've been wanting to make a terrarium myself. what a wonderful way to keep your bouquet!

Mike said...

My mom saved everything she got from her wedding in order to enjoy that amazing event.

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Erika S said...

I loooooove this idea!! I want to do something similar and incorporate flowers from my great grandmother's garden. Did you put together the succulent bouquet yourself or are there places that will do it for you?