I'm headed to Denver for my sister's wedding! Hopefully I'll manage to get in a few posts... I'm also getting Lasik while I'm there, which I'm incredibly nervous/excited about. I've been wearing glasses or contacts since 3rd grade, and my eyes are so bad that I can't see more than 6 inches from my face. I'm legally blind. It's kind of crazy.

Please send your prayers/happy thoughts/good vibes in my general direction tomorrow (Thursday) around 2:00 Mountain Standard Time.

Have any of you had a Lasik procedure? I would love to be reassured by your success stories :)


sabrina said...

I had Lasik in 2004 and have been 20/20 ever since. Love it!! :)

I wrote about my experience here > http://www.sweetfrenchtoast.com/2004/01/28/everybody-should-get-lasik/

{The Perfect Palette} said...

have fun at the wedding!

Aubrey F. said...

Good luck to you; it's going to be so exciting to see!

Congrats to your sister!

corrie mae said...

have fun and i can't wait to see you and your 20/20 vision!

i'll be praying for ya :]

Victory Bird said...

Wow! I'm legally blind too, which even makes reading without glasses/contacts difficult since the book is too far away from my face! I hope it goes well, keep us posted, I'm dying to get it myself!

un-bride said...

Lasik is the best money I ever spent.