love notes

Naturally Nina is one of my favorite daily reads... Nina and her fiance, Simon, seem like such a sweet couple! And how cute is this:

"every monday for the last year my love has written me a special note. i laid them all out on the floor tonight and read them all again.

and then i realized... every monday, for the rest of my life, i'm going to wake up excited to read his note. and if we're lucky, and we live for another 50+ years, i'll be the receiver of over two thousand love notes.

awww. I just love love. Don't you?


jessica lynn said...

oh my gawd. this is such a sweet idea. little does my husband know that this is what he is getting for christmas (thanks to this post!). 52 blank note cards....with an explanation that he will have 1 every monday to read for the next year. i am over the moon excited for this!!! :)

sera said...

That is maybe the most romantic thing I have ever heard.

Carissa said...

oh my lanta that is absolutely adorable!!
I want my fiance to do that.