like, woah.

Hard to believe it's already been a month.

It's weird settling into this new reality and thinking, "This is my home now. And that's my husband." It's weird and surreal but it's AWESOME. And I'm loving this new role of "wife."

Yup, married life is pretty cool.

P.S. Jesi Haack, my ROCKSTAR coordinator/floral designer/all around superwoman did a really sweet post about our wedding including a couple of never-before-seen pics. Go check it out!

*photo by the incomparable Sarah K. Chen


Aubrey said...

Y'all are so sweet together!

Ruthy G. said...

I just discovered your blog! Love, love, love it! So many grat ideas!

sera said...

Oh! Your wedding is simply breathtaking! I love every detail! You are gorgeous!