"Cute" is an understatement.

The other night when Curt got home from work, he swung the front door open and victoriously proclaimed, "I've still got it!"

This is what he had found on his car earlier that day:

Hey, it takes guts to leave your number on a guy's car. So I gotta give Kristy mad props!

When Curt sent her a text letting her know he was married, she responded:

"Aww, bummer. Well your wife's a lucky lady."

well, you got that right :)

P.S. see how I made the last four digits disappear? photoshop skillz. I haz dem....JK.


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Crystal Ross said...

Oh my! That is awesome.

Tenille said...

Kristy's awesome. My bf is always so pumped when someone hits on him. Makes his day. Soo cute.

anna and the ring said...

Well played!

honey my heart said...

heeheee, too cute a story :)