Well.... Shucks, Y'all!

Our wedding is being featured on the Southern Weddings Blog today!

Most of you don't know this, but I was born in North Carolina, and I'm a bit of a Southern girl at heart. So it's a huge honor to be featured on this amazing blog! Emily, the art director for Southern Weddings, sent us a bunch of questions and we had so much fun answering them. Check out all 3 posts (here, here, and here) and leave us some love!


Aubrey said...

Those posts were awesome, and the photos were goooorgeous!

Crystal Ross said...

Your wedding was amazing and so were the pictures, decorations and people involved! You are very deserving. I bought all the stuff to make the mossy vases. I will show you pics (and give you credit) as soon as they are finished!

Sara said...

That was you! Just found your blog and love it! Your wedding was amazing! Congrats on your feature!