Wedding Day, Part 2: The First Look

There seems to be a lot of debate among brides when it comes to the First Look/No First Look debate. Some couples want to save that moment for when the bride walks down the aisle. Others want to allow more time for pictures. It's totally a personal decision and I don't think that one way is necessarily better than the other.
We opted for a first look for several reasons: 1. Plenty of time for pictures 2. Plenty of daylight for pictures 3. A chance to spend time together and really enjoy the exciting lead-up to the ceremony 4. No need to feel rushed 5. We wouldn't keep our friends and family waiting post-ceremony 5. Opportunity to hang out at Union Station and grab some rad pictures... etc. etc. Clearly, we were very committed to getting lots of great pictures and for us that was the primary reason for doing a first look. In any case, we're both so glad we ended up going this route! I feel like it gave us the chance to really absorb the wide range of emotions we felt that day, and to have some fun and laugh off any remaining jitters.

Did you/will you take any pictures before your ceremony?

*all images by the amazing Sarah K. Chen


landlocked bride said...

We are definitely doing a first look. Just the two of us and no one else. We are both pretty excited about it, too.

honey my heart said...

first looks are the best! love the expression on your face as you go up to him :)

Giovanna said...

you look so beautiful! these pictures are great.

Smiley said...

Oh wow, your blog is so amazing. It's my first time visiting it, but I'm sure I'll be checking it regularly.

You looked amazing on your wedding day girl :)

Black Lamb Photography said...

I LOVE first look photos! I wish that more people would do them because they are always fantastic shots.