Counting My Blessings

1. My mommy got a new job! Her first interview in over 20 years and she nailed it! Go hot mama!

2. I got a new job! Details to come...

3. Going to Denver tomorrow to visit my mom and sister (and her new fiance!) for the holidays... and it looks like a White Christmas is in store :)

4. Six people were laid off at Curt's work, and Curt was not one of them. Of course my sympathies and condolences go out to those who unexpectedly lost their jobs... at the same time, I'm so grateful that Curt does not have to deal with the pain of finding something in this economy (because, I just dealt with it. It ain't pretty.)

5. I'm officially a college graduate! The diploma will take a good 5 or 6 months to show up, but that's fine with me. As long as no one makes me write anymore 15-page research papers.

6. Christmas trees. LOVE them.

7. We met with our mentor couple last weekend and they are awesome and so much cooler than we expected.

8. I'm healthy.

9. I'm happy.

10. I'm marrying the man who was made for me. In less than 10 months. ohmygod.

Stay tuned for pretty pictures from my adventures in Denver!

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