A Green(ish) Wedding

On top of all the other lofty goals we have for our wedding, we also want it to be environmentally friendly. Or at least, within reason.

I’m the same way about life, really…. I recycle whenever possible, take my own bags to the grocery store, and fill up my reusable water bottle every day (I won’t use the Wedding Chicks blog as my personal soap box, but if you’re interested, I’d be more than happy to give you my spiel on bottled water…) I’m no treehugger-extraordinaire, but I think small personal efforts can really add up! So Curt and I are going to try to incorporate “green” elements into the wedding wherever possible.

The first green element was actually really easy: It’s our venue!

The Marvimon House was built in 1924 (by an Italian racecar driver!) as one of LA’s first automobile showrooms. The current owners totally renovated the building a few years ago and now it’s an amazing super-loft that is available for all kinds of events…





I can’t even tell you how many countless hours we spent scouring the internet for a venue. The Marvimon House made all the searching worthwhile. The moment we stepped inside, and talked with Sherry and Miguel, the wonderful owners, we just knew. Go to the website and check out the rest of the pictures… I guarantee you’ll be blown away :)

Not only is the venue perfect for us, but it happens to be green! Score!

According to the website:

“Marvimon is GREEN because…

We’ve reinvented a centrally located, nearly abandoned, 80-year old building that is convenient to a variety of public transportation including the Gold Line and Union Station. We limited the impact from demolition and construction by using as much of the existing structure as possible. Our design reduced the building’s original footprint by 40%, converted that area into a permeable, living oasis, and created an ideal environment for productions, events, and ceremonies. We even salvaged the lumber from our demolition and recycled it to make Marvimon’s rustic tables and benches.

Our strategically located oversized courtyard doors and skylights are passive lighting, cooling, and heating elements that minimize energy usage throughout the year by taking full advantage of our sunny, breezy southern California climate. Marvimon [went] solar during 2008 and will begin generating more electricity for the grid than it consumes annually.

We increasingly encourage and support green events and introduce our clients to green planners, stylists, and other resources. Marvimon Productions diligently recycles.

Finally, Marvimon’s multi-use nature lowers its environmental footprint—one building performing as three or more: production studio, gallery, event space, residence, etc…”

I’ll share more of my semi-green ideas and tips with you in the near future! Is anyone else aiming for a green wedding?

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