Advice, Please!

Apparently I'm in a very flowery mood today.

But I really need y'all's (yes, it's a word) advice on what to do about my bouquet.

I SERIOUSLY can’t decide.

via Saipua

I love the look of a white bridal bouquet. It’s fresh, romantic, and timeless. And it really allows you to play with different structures and textures.

via The Knot

White flowers also look stunning against various types of greenery, little berries, and whatever else you want to throw into the mix.

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You can even do something really simple, with only one kind of flower, and it still looks amazing. I love a giant bouquet of peonies (what bride doesn’t?) but unfortunately they’re almost impossible to get in October. Ranunculus, however, is almost as lovely and is actually a viable option in the fall:


I also love this:

via The Knot

and this:

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and especially this, the most drool-inducing bouquet ever:

Wish I could remember where I found this little work of art. I’ve had it saved forever.

So… I need your help. Here are some things to consider before you place your vote :)

1. Curt’s Aunt has her floral wholesale license, so we’ll be going to L.A.’s flower distict and rounding up all of the flowers the day before and/or the morning of the wedding. That means we’ll be limited to what’s available. But the place is HUGE, and all the florists within a 100 mile radius go there for their flowers, so I really don’t think we’ll have much of a problem finding what we’re looking for.

2. You probably remember my purple shoes.

…And the bridesmaids dresses, which are each a different style, but all in this color:

My dress is Ivory and tea-length. The guys will be wearing gray suits, white shirts, and plum-colored patterned pocket squares (I think). So, the question is… would a purple bouquet be too much purple? Should my shoes be the only pop of color in my whole bridal look? Is a white bouquet just going to blend into my ivory dress and ridiculously pale skin? Ok, that’s three questions, not one. Sorry.

3. Ideally, the bridesmaids’ bouquets will look something like this:

via The Knot

This little bunch of spider mums is just darling! I love the texture, and these will really pop against the dark plum of the bridesmaid dresses. I got the idea from Jessica at Tying the Knot, who incorporated Spider Mums into her bouquet. Click here for the original post.

4. Oh, and you might want to take another look at Marvimon, my venue.

Even after all this thinking out loud, and looking at pictures, I still can’t decide. I really love both but I still don’t know which is better for the overall “look.”

What should I do???


Emilia Jane said...

Here is my two (or five) cents:

1. Since you are going out the day before/of the wedding to buy the flowers and you're not sure what's really out there you shouldn't plan too much or get your hopes up too much about the look of the flowers. Keep an open mind.

2. Since the maids are in purple and carrying white I think you should definitely go for a splash of color like the final color bouquet. Especially since you are wearing an ivory dress. The white flowers might look funny against off-white but the purple/red/pink flowers would seriously pop. Plus it would be a great contrast with the maids.

3. OR make yourself a stand by bouquet so you can switch back and forth!

melissa said...

I agree with Emilia that you should go with a little color in your bouquet because your maids will have all white. This will look great against their purple dresses and yours would pop more against your fabulous tea length dress!

jessica lynn said...

hey! thanks so much for featuring my bouquet! i am so glad that you liked it! :) I did too...the spider mums were so perfect and fun! i had always wanted a white bouquet and I didnt regret it. but to each his {or her} own!! :) all of those pictures are beautiful so your flowers will be great no matter what!

A.I.S. said...

i went back and looked at your dress fitting pictures. you're so flipping adorable!

also, i think adding some of the purple flowers would go great

Kyla said...

I'm not sure how I happened onto your blog, but I'm a fan!

And I love the purple ones, and your purple heels.

Fall Wedding Bride said...

I really like the 6th bouquet. The one under the blue one. It has all of the green and purple colors in it. I think that is beautiful. I just put mine up on my new blog as well. Since I have been planning my wedding I am on a flower kick. I have been buying fake and fresh flowers and they are everywhere! lol.. And I have never really cared for flowers.

As for the purple and if it is too much I would say that a purple bouquet on top of the purple dresses would probably be a little to much. To me anyway. I think you wouldn't be able to see the beauty of the bouquet if you had the bridesmaids hold it in front of their dresses. But I really did like the idea for the spider mums..

I hope I helped with my 2 cents. :) Stop by my new blog!

Logan said...

Recently found your blog and am loving it. I would suggest going with some color, especially if you want your BMs to have a white bouquet. You want yours to stand out among the others. and since your soon-to-be-Aunt has the wholesale store, you'll get a great deal.

Abbie said...

I'm having trouble deciding between all white and color, as well. I am leaning toward the white I think, though. The color would be really fun and pop against your dress, though!

love said...

i'm pretty indecisive myself, i really like the all peony bouquet.

Elk said...

I definitely like the mixed flowers, the white with a little bit of red berries is nice, but the later ones are very gorgeous. Personally I don't like the all the same flower look, much prefer mix of shapes