Corrie's on Cake Wrecks!

This post is not wedding-related. At all. Get over it.

If you're not already a fan of Cake Wrecks, you're missing out on some of the best humor the interweb has to offer. Jen is an incredible writer, and oh-so-funny.

In honor of Super Bowl XLIII, Jen's "wreckporters" found a cornucopia of football-themed cakes. Curt's little sister Corrie submitted quite a gem, and it was deemed worthy of an appearance on the blog!

I'll let Corrie tell you the rest of the story...

Mason Jar Bride: So tell me, how did this all happen?

Corrie Mae: Well, since you opened my eyes to the glory that is Cake Wrecks last year, I have - geeky as it sounds - checked the site every day. Unfortunately, I never came across an awful enough cake that was worthy to send in. I think it has to do with Orange County and its dedication to pristine perfection; but whatever your explanation, the everyday cake at the local grocery store is just too darn pretty, for better or for worse. Luckily, when I was with my family visiting my big brother, Curt, at his home in LA, we all simultaneously had a hankerin' for some sweet treats.

MJB: So it was fate, then.

CM: Yes. Amid the piles of frosting and sugary goop encased in plastic, my hungry eyes landed upon a true Wreck. At last! My moment had come! There lay a "football" cake composed of cupcakes and...6 corners? How is this possible? I cannot tell you what the baker was thinking, but the amoeba-ball was just wacky enough to compel me to stop my search for a chocolate delight. And let me tell you, it takes A LOT to get me to stop that kind of search.

MJB: I can vouch for that.

CM: I grabbed Curt and he proceeded to take a picture of the CCC (cupcake cake for all you n00bs out there) on his phone.

I'm sure he'd like me to point out that, despite the photo being taken on a mobile phone, his picture still turned out looking clearer than all the other cakes on the site today. Good job, bro, we all know you have skillz. No need to flaunt 'em. Long story short, I e-mailed Jen my gem of a cake just in time for Super Bowl season, and whaddaya know! To my shrieking delight, the cake showed up today on her football themed post. Now I'm basically famous. The end.

MJB: Thanks, Corrie. And congratulations. This football CCC is sure to live on in wrecky infamy.

Please, people. The next time you have about 2 hours to spare, go to Cake Wrecks and read the entire blog. It will change your life. Maybe not. But consider it a two-hour workout, because you will be laughing so hard that your abs will be sore for days. I'm speaking from experience, here.


Veiled Vows said...

You have been tagged!

Fall Wedding Bride said...

Thanks for the link to this blog. I went over and checked it out real quick and it looks funny!