I'm back from my unofficial (and somewhat unintentional) blogging break.

Forgive my (loooong) absence... I think my mind/body/soul had some trouble adapting to all the recent changes, and this little blog had to go on the back burner for a while. I'm sure you'll understand though... most people don't attempt to graduate, move, and start a new job in the middle of the holiday season. It's ok. It was all worth it :)

We have almost exactly 9 months to go until the big day. yikes. I know we're actually pretty far ahead of the game, but it still feels like there's SO MUCH to do. Here's where we are right now:

Venue (including site management, valet, and clean-up)
Caterer (still need to finalize the menu but otherwise we're good)
BM dresses

Flowers (but Curt's aunt is a florist so I'm definitely not stressed about this one)
Choose location for E-pics
Rental Company (for extra tables and chairs, dinnerware, etc. Any suggestions for affordable companies in the LA area?!? Help!!)
Photo Booth and various other DIY projects
Hair and Veil... I know what I like but not where to go...
The Music Situation... I mean, we're big music nerds so we pretty much have the whole playlist compiled.... but I guess the logistics of the whole iPod-DJ thing intimidates me.
I refuse to budge on the multiple-cakes-on-vintage-cake-stands idea. But where do we get them?

The Guys (we know we want gray suits. and that's about it.)
Save the Dates/Invitations
The entire ceremony. We still haven't even decided if we want traditional or non-traditional vows. We just know it has to be short, since a lot of people will be standing.
Guest book?
Exit Strategy/Getaway vehicle?
Where do we stay on our wedding night?
The timeline, i.e. when are we taking pictures, how are we mapping out the reception since we won't have a DJ, how do we survive the set-up process and how much extra help do we need, etc?

Ok, so that's not too bad. At least it's pretty balanced. As always, I welcome your ideas and suggestions!

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megan marie said...

hello! i just saw one of your comments on weddingbee (under the "green" thread) and loved finding your blog! my wedding is at marvimon also.. i love reading about other "marvimon brides!"