Why I love my man, reason #37,162

He is the ultimate internet curator.

Seriously, I don't know how he finds the things he finds. But he's always bringing really interesting stuff to my attention.

Here's a particular find that might be helpful for brides trying to compile a play list!

Check out www.tinymixtapes.com

The concept of the site is that you can request a mix tape based on a theme, a mood, a random phrase, etc. Looking through these compilations is a great way to discover songs that fit the style and mood of your wedding, and you might find something amazing that you didn't even know existed! Go ahead, come up with a theme and send them a request!

I browsed the list of recently requested mix tapes, and here are some of my favorite titles:

My Shower is in My Kitchen? Welcome to New York.

Songs from the Hypothetical Bruce Willis-John Cusack Buddy Cop Movie

I just met you last weekend, and I now want to spend the rest of my weekends with you, forever!

Songs to slow-dance to in an empty parking lot

Anybody have suggestions for good musical resources? We're still working on our list :)

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