Things I {heart} today...

I'll admit. I've been feeling pretty uninspired lately.

For a while there, everything was looking the same. Checking my ever-expanding blogroll was just getting a little... ho-hum. (Don't get me wrong, I love all of my fellow bloggers! You ladies rock!) But for quite I while, it just seemed like I had nothing important or interesting to talk about.

On top of that, we haven't had much wedding-related stuff to do. I feel like we've reached a stalemate, of sorts. As of now, it's just a waiting game...but before we know it, we'll be in over our heads in DIY projects.

So. The point.

I'm cured of my lethargy. For the past couple of days, the blogosphere has been bursting at the seams with sexiness. So there are a few things that I just have to share.

First. LOVING this wedding featured on Once Wed.

Dear magic wedding elves: Please make me and my fiance as cool as these people. I'd really appreciate it.

Chelsea of Oh, My Deer! vamped up some already-amazing shoes. Is it any surprise that I'm obsessed with these?

Super-sweet dresses from sarahseven's Etsy shop (via my fellow Wedding Chicks bridal blogger, Alison. love her!) Somebody pleeeeeze buy me one for my bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner, or any random day when I feel like dressing up. OK thanks.

That last one could be adorable for a laid-back bride planning a simple backyard wedding. sigh.

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks, internet!!

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