Cake Flavors

We're Thinking...

Red Velvet
Lemon Coconut
Spice Cake
Chocolate Raspberry?

Some will be from small local bakeries, others will be homemade.

Are we missing something? What are your favorite cake flavors, my dears?

Also, this reminds me. We need to find more cake stands. So far, Craigslist has not proven very helpful. Anyone have ideas for other resources? If we can't find them we'll be taking on this project (I heart Design*Sponge).

Hmmm. Thinking about cake makes me salivate a little bit.

*image via Once Wed


corrie mae said...

chocolate! but no raspberry...bleck!

Laura said...

Try Fish's Eddy for cake stands. They've got a good selection and even have a few on sale.


sera said...

My mom is making us mini cheesecakes for our wedding. Topped with two fresh raspberries and maybe a sprig of mint.

Although in the running was:
carrot with cream cheese frosting
and coconut cream pie (inspired by the dahlia bakery)

Erin ever after said...

Try Marshals, TJ Max, Ross. I always see cute cake stands there. We just picked up a plum colored glass cake stand at Marshals the other day.