Trouble zones? What trouble zones?

The darling Jenn of With This Ring... requested a full review of Jillian Michaels' "No More Trouble Zones" DVD.

So. The short version: It's 45 minutes of torture. It hurts like a motha'. The end.

The long version: Jillian's intense, full-body workout targets the most common "trouble zones"... muffin tops, jiggly arms, and what my fiance likes to call "the shelf": that spot where the booty meets the thighs. Yes, it's incredibly difficult, especially the first couple times... but Jillian and her oh-so-ripped assistants are right there with you. (One of them is overly enthusiastic and smiley, it's funny). Like the shred, this workout is comprised of different circuits, so you target a new trouble zone every 7 minutes or so. And no fancy equipment. Just a yoga or pilates mat and some light hand weights. The moves are pretty innovative and you're constantly switching it up, so you won't get bored easily, which for me is always a huge bonus!

Want an even more in-depth review? There's a really good one here.

Yes, I know I was whining about it last week, but honestly, it's great. Go try it! Then you can whine with me.

P.S. Did you notice my new blog header? The future hubs designed it :)


Kyla said...

Ooooh, Kayla and I have been looking at this for a few weeks... we soo need to do it!

Adrienne said...

OH I need to get this! I love my Shred but I am ready for a new one!

Jenn said...

Thanks Jessica! As soon as I can get through the Shred without tearing up I'm going to try this one :)

Teresa said...

I am about to order "The Shred." This one will be next!