so excited.

La Citta Vita's flickr

We blocked out some rooms for our guests at The Standard Hotel downtown. They actually gave us a really good deal, so I'm hoping we'll get enough friends and family members interested in staying there. If we book 10 rooms, Curt and I get an upgrade to the Wow! room. nice.

Here are some more pretty pictures...

Karla Jean Davis's flickr. She has a whole set on The Standard, check it out here... it's AMAZING.

Dan_DC's photostream

Never Cool in School's photostream. Wedding day photo op? You betcha.

rick's photostream. pool table. in the lobby. sweet.

I hear they have a pretty strict no-photo policy in certain areas, but I'm not worried. Sarah "Sniper" Chen got some shots at the rooftop bar for Regina and Richard's wedding last year.

Anyone have experience with sneaking pictures in a no-picture zone? I'd love to hear your tips!


My Sweet & Saucy said...

I am LOVING this hotel...those photos are amazing!

Laura said...

iPhones are good for picture taking on the sly, if you can get by without a flash. No one knows if the person taking the picture is making a phone call, checking email, or what.

I love the Standard. That will be so much fun for guests!

april greer said...

This hotel rocks my world! It gives me a hotel-woodie.

V3 Weddings and Events said...

The Standard is just oozes cool vibes! Totally exciting!

TIP: It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission!
Oh and start photographing at the location that is the furthest spot from the exit. At least if you get caught, you can frantically snap pictures as you get booted out! Not that I've done that before ;)

Bowie Bride said...

We're going to have our guests stay here, too! Good to hear that they gave you a decent deal (I was a little worried they wouldn't budge on price for groups). I vote you do a future post on how the hotel situation all went. I would definitely benefit... :)