10 things that make me happy

1.) Miss TTO (A $10,000 Wedding) finally showed her lovely little face. Their wedding was exquisite. Max's pictures? Perfection, as always.

2.) The abundance of succulents at Vanessa and Doug's wedding, via Snippet & Ink.

I'm thinking we need to put succulents on at least one of the cakes. Maybe a pair of succulents instead of a cake topper? hm. I like.

3.) This ring shot by one of my ultimate photog crushes, The Image is Found

4.) Blue and Orange

In Denver we picked up a yard of fabric pretty similar to the one used for the blanket in that first picture. Boss Vintage is a great place for unique vintage finds if you're ever in the Cherry Creek area... they had a few storage bins full of small bundles of fabric. We'll probably end up using it to make a couple throw pillows for the couch.... that is, once we get a couch :) We're loving these colors set against lots of natural woods and textured, menswear-inspired grays. Obviously I'm getting way too excited about post-wedding nesting.

5.) All the details of Marisa and John's surprise wedding via 100 Layer Cake.

6.) This engagement session at a greenhouse/nursery type place in San Francisco:

Tinywater Photography, via Green Wedding Shoes. See more here and here.

7.) Once Wed's fabulous makeover (and I didn't think it was possible to be more in love with that site...)

8.) Woolly Pockets! These nifty little things helped Miguel and Sherry created the succulent walls/ vertical gardens at Marvimon and Smog Shoppe, and now Miguel is selling them. We're totally using these to spruce up the balcony at our new place.

9.) This inspiration board from Green Wedding Shoes, which is making me ridiculously excited for our E-session at the OC Fair next month!

10.) Good Food and Good Movies. I went to the movies twice in three days (that never happens!) We saw Up on Saturday and The Hangover last night. Seriously, if you don't get a little teary-eyed in the first 15 minutes of Up, then your heart is made of stone. And The Hangover, while quite... uh, raunchy... is full of great laughs. Just make sure your groomsmen don't get too "inspired." As for good food, I'm still stuffed from the fried chicken and biscuits we ate at Honey's Kettle last night. Sweet Baby Jesus it was delicious. But definitely a once-every-6-months kind of thing. Way too fattening. No more till after the wedding.

I would love to hear about 10 things that are making you happy! Share them on your blog!!


{The Perfect Palette} said...

these are great :) thanks for sharing

Megan said...

Love the list! These are great.

megan marie said...

woolly pockets! best invention ever. i must go buy some now.

Broke-ass Bride said...

Your blog makes me happy! I just peeked at your vendor list and am MUY excited for you - its shaping up to be a ridiculously wonderful event, lady! Flashdance KILLED it at my wedding, I'm so excited for you!

love said...

such beautiful pictures. i really love the engagement pictures and my engagement ring is similar to #3

Harrison said...

Blue & orange...succulents...the image is found - what a great list! Keep the posts coming!