Spotted Johanna's insanely gorgeous bouquet on 100 Layer Cake last week and instantly fell in love. I emailed Kate Harrison, the photographer, explaining my obsession with the bouquet and asking if she could send me some more detailed shots of it. She kindly obliged :)

I'm really feelin' it. I think this might be pretty much exactly what I want. Maybe with a deeper purple. Or maybe not. Why is this the one thing I'm so indecisive about?!? sigh.


jessica lynn said...

loves it.

Erin ever after said...

I might have to steal this from you. love, love, love!

johanna said...

i am so very excited for you about your upcoming celebration! the bouquet was done by rick james from FVJ luxuries, our amazing florist. he incorporated the succulents with kale and other shapely greens and added poppy pods for that "alien"/whimsical effect. good luck with your preparations!