Our new place

My apologies for the lack of posts recently.... as soon as Curt and I got back from Denver, we went into serious apartment-hunting mode. His lease is up on July first and we really wanted to find a bigger place before the wedding.

But my Craigslist sniping skills paid off and we're moving into this AMAZING apartment in 10 days!! It's in a restored 1950s building on a small, quiet, tree-lined cul-de-sac. It's a two-bedroom with huge windows and it feels so open and airy! The building is only 6 units and the rest of the buildings on the street are small ranch homes so it's not a very crowded area. We're so excited to move and start setting up our new place! I won't officially move in until after the wedding but it's nice because we'll have so much time to get things settled before the wedding chaos hits.

Ok, on to the pictures... they're from Craigslist so they're not the best... we'll be posting plenty of good ones once we've moved in...

These guys are also moving on the 15th. Happy moving day!


megan marie said...

totally jealous of your wood floors.. good luck with the move!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Congrats on finding a place! It's cute!

Wren said...

This place is awesome!! Thanks for the Denver/Boulder tips!

jasmine said...

your new place looks great!! congratulations!

and happy moving day! aren't you getting so excited right now?!? we're counting down the days. :)

Lara Harris said...

We just moved into a new home as well, much more room, better wood floors, and a huge backyard for our 2 'boys' Jedha & Taffy to romp around in :o)