Fragrance Test-Drive: Week 1

The fiancé and I went fragrance-hunting yesterday. I'm always keeping my eyes (er, uh, nostrils?) peeled for the perfect wedding day scent. I found a couple that I LOVE, and I also discovered quite a few that I wouldn't mind having for daily use. I've been wearing Marc Jacobs for about a year now... it's a lovely interpretation of gardenia that's lush but not overwhelming. I've never found a "signature scent," and I love having variety and switching things up now and then, so I'm on the lookout for something to put on my Christmas list.

The nice people at Sephora and Nordstrom made me a few little sample bottles, and I'm going to wear a different scent each week for the next four weeks, and see which one is my favorite.

The first contender is Versace Crystal Noir.
Check out that giant black crystal on top of the bottle...a little gaudy for my taste, I'll admit, and the fact that it's Versace will make me (unwillingly) think of Maya Rudolf impersonating Donatella on Saturday Night Live. But I'm loving the way it smells: feminine, but not too sweet or flowery. Sexy, but not aggressive.

Curt's joining me in the fragrance search, so he's testing out Guerlain Homme this week. It's inspired by a mojito, but it's not too citrusy or sweet... my nose picks up the bergamot and cedarwood notes. Ladies, let me tell ya, my man smells delish.

I'll keep y'all updated on the fragrance search.... I'll also be trying Burberry The Beat, Kenzo Amour, and Calvin Klein Euphoria. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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