Stop reading my thoughts, Priscilla.

The Priscilla of Boston design house just GETS me. Like, they can see inside my head. It's uncanny.

The other possible explanation is that I am a bit of a visionary and I can predict the future of bridal fashion....? Highly unlikely. Let's just go with option 1, shall we?

Here's a little back story....

I've already told you about my fabulously sexy shoes. Yes, they are very purple, and an early wedding gift from my sissy, who paid a pretty penny for them :)

Just in case any snooping eyes are wandering around on this blog, I won't post any pictures of me in my dress, but I will tell you that it's part of Priscilla of Boston's Vineyard Collection, and it's tea-length (cuz I want to be comfy and I gotta show off the shoes, yo).

The point of all this is that I was on brides.com yesterday, drooling over all the brand-spankin-new dresses from the runway shows that took place just a couple weeks ago...

...when I saw this:


Tea-length dress? Check.

Purple shoes? Check.

Like I said, they can read my mind.

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