Fragrance Test-Drive: Week 2

I meant to post about this a couple days ago and totally forgot :(

For the post about last week's fragrance, click here.

The next fragrance on the list is Burberry The Beat:

The bottle kind of reminds me of a cocktail shaker. A chic, sexy, miniature cocktail shaker. Anyone else seeing that? (...and no, I'm not an alcoholic. Don't you worry.)

What I like so far:

1. The sample vial that the nice Sephora lady gave me actually has a little atomizer, so the fragrance goes on the way it's supposed to (the samples I got from Nordstrom are just tiny glass tubes with plastic caps, and you have to dab on the perfume with your finger.)

2. It seems to last a bit longer than the Versace Crystal Noir, but that might just be a result of #1.

3. It's floral but not too flowery or sweet. The tea, musk, and cedarwood notes give it a nice balance.

I'll be wearing this one for the rest of the week and see if it grows on me or just fizzles out. It would definitely be more of an everyday scent, and I'm really hoping to find a sexier, going out scent. Maybe if the man is feeling reeeeeally generous this Christmas, I'll end up with both :)

Also, I have something SOOOOOO friggin exciting to share. But you'll have to wait till Saturday.... Just in case a certain someone is checking my blog more frequently than I think he/she is. AAAAAAAHH I hate keeping secrets!!!

THIS is pretty much exactly how I'm feeling right now. (P.S. Kirsten Wiig I have a huge crush on you.... not that you'll ever read this but hey.)

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Alison said...

Kristen Wiig was at my improv show a few weeks ago (kind of a long story) and she went out for beers with us and seemed super nice. Ahhh!