Easy, helpful, AND free? Yes, please!

Have y'all been to My Wedding Workbook yet?

I had heard it mentioned on other sites and blogs before, but never checked it out for myself. I was missing out! It's a great site, especially if you are in the early stages of the planning process. You can organize pretty much every aspect of your wedding and keep it all in one place, and it's really easy to export all your work into spreadsheets, too!

My Wedding Workbook was created by a very organized bride-to-be and her web programmer fiance, so you know you're getting tools designed by people who know what it takes to successfully plan a wedding.

According to Jeff Kear, the co-owner of the site, "My Wedding Workbook is an easy-to-use, comprehensive online wedding planner that helps brides-to-be stay on top of all their wedding details, includuing budgets, guest lists, calendars, RSVPs, gifts and more."

I wish I had looked into this site sooner, but I'm still going to utilize a few of the planning tools :)

Hop on over and take a look!

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