Real Wedding: Mark and Vanessa

I'm SO excited to share this wedding with you! Here are my top 3 reasons:

1. It was shot by Sarah K. Chen, our photographer. And y'all already know how much I love her :)

2. Vanessa, the bride, is not only impossibly sweet, but a ridiculously talented wedding and event planner! Check out the V3 site here.

3. You will just fall in love with all the little details!

OK, I guess I'll just let Sarah and Jonilyn take it from here...

Liz of Makeup by Liz got Vanessa and her bridesmaids all dolled up.

Lovely details on Vanessa's GORGEOUS dress

Jonilyn hung out with the guys while they got ready

Marilyn Ghigliotti created Vanessa's beautiful bridal 'do

Sarah dubbed this one "The Money Shot"!

I was right about Sarah being so sneaky... she managed to grab this shot before a Homeland Security official shooed them away for taking pictures on a public transit platform! (I had no idea you couldn't do that)

The reception was held at The Madison. Vanessa has been raving about their food... I guess I'll have to make a trip up to Long Beach sometime :)

Sarah never disappoints with her ring shots!

She admitted to eating all three of these Ferrero-Rochers after capturing this shot. Well hey you can't trust a woman who doesn't love chocolate, you know?

All the tables were named after places that Mark and Vanessa have visited, or hope to visit in the future.

Soft clusters of peonies + The flicker of candlelight = a winning combination every time.

Vanessa was so sweet to share some "After Thoughts". Here they are....

• Don’t procrastinate! When planning and prepping for a wedding, everything, literally EVERYTHING, takes longer than you may anticipate – especially if you are filling your wedding with lots of DIY details. I can almost guarantee you that any DIY project is a much more enjoyable experience 3 weeks or 3 months before your wedding rather than 3 days before. It is not at all unusual for numerous little tasks and errands to mysteriously appear the week of your wedding, so whatever you can check off the list earlier down the road, do so! You’ll thank yourself later!

• Involve others - I was so pleasantly surprised with the number of friends and family members who were willing to lend me a hand while planning. For the longest time, I politely refused for fear of inconveniencing anyone or foolishly thinking that no would get my vision. I came to learn that many of the wonderful people around me were just about as excited for my wedding as I was and that it was their way of celebrating it. In the end, everything was that much more meaningful because they had a hand in it.

• Lastly, when you are thisclose to walking that aisle, or better yet, before you even get to your rehearsal dinner, LET IT GO! There comes a point where you just need to stop planning and worrying, focus on what’s important, and cut ties with the things that are not. No one but you will know what didn’t get done or what doesn’t look exactly as you had planned it too. It’s time to trust your plans to the very capable vendors you have hired – after all that’s why you chose them! ☺

On this note, hire a wedding coordinator! I’m not just saying this as a shameless plug to my industry or company, but I am speaking to you sincerely as someone who didn’t figure out till late in the game that a coordinator was a MUST for us. I, like many of the brides I work with, consider myself absurdly organized, creative, and a perfectionist (almost to a fault!) But when it came to our wedding day, rarely was my mind focused on anything else but the man I was about to marry or the love and blessings I’d experienced that day. Timelines, layouts, and details were so far from my mind. And while I had all sorts of wonderful offers to help from family and friends, I wanted them no further than arms length away from us as we prepped for one the most unforgettable days of our lives. Our coordinator allowed us to just relax, LET GO, and be in the moment. Hiring a wonderful and experienced, professional coordinator will be a decision you will never regret!

Stop by the V3 Events website and check out Vanessa's portfolio. You'll be smitten.

Mark and Vanessa: Thank you so much for allowing me to feature your beautiful wedding, and congratulations on your upcoming first anniversary!

Oh and I couldn't resist showing you this picture of Mark and Vanessa's pug, Diezel. What a handsome boy!


V3 Weddings and Events said...

Thank you for your kind words, you are too sweet! I absolutely cannot wait to see the lovely photos from your wedding! I know Sarah will work her magic ;)

P.S. I LOVE that you added Diezel's bday picture in there! I need to frame that one for my desk!


MakeupByLiz said...

Vanessa was one of my favorite brides....such a sweetheart! XOXO, Liz