The Flashdance posted their first wedding.

Please go look at it.

And then let's talk about how we wish we knew the couple.

Or maybe we could have just crashed the wedding.

Yeah, that's what we would have done.

Cuz we're rebels like that.

*photo by the geniuses at Our Labor of Love.

P.S. Michael Antonia aka "The Human Jukebox" component of The Flashdance is gonna let me interview him! Keep an eye out for that :)


jessica lynn said...

loving flashdance!

megan marie said...

i am so in love with the flashdance.. is michael djing your wedding?

www.theflashdance.com said...

Letting you interview me?? Ha! Honored to have the privilege! Thank you for the lovely post... It's funny how so many people wish they had crashed that wedding. Maybe that will be my new thing "Weddings worth crashing" Don't steal that.