This makes me so happy. And so sad.

Pleeeease don't die, Polaroid! I need you so I can make a display like this and put it by the cake table. Poladroid is nice but it's just not quite the same.

Curt's got quite a collection of polaroid cameras but we have to ration what little film we have left. We'll probably use most (if not all) of it at the wedding, and it just kills me to think that after that, the polaroid joy will be all gone... I was hoping to use the display in place of a guest book, but I don't know if there's enough film for that so we may have to rethink that plan.

Here are some of Curt's shots with his SLR 680 and Polaroid 300... maybe we can just incorporate these into the display? Not as utilitarian but it could still be a nice touch...

first image from Nicole Hill photography, the rest from Curt's flickr.


A.Mountain.Bride said...

that's the best photo display i've seen yet. and those pics are AWESOME. I wish I had a polaroid. mine died in like 4th grade.

Jen said...
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Jen said...

I know this is not the same - but it's an option.


Jasmine said...

:( it's so stupid that polaroid won't make their film anymore. just make it! soooo many people want it!

the display is so beautiful. i love it! the photos you showed would be great in it.

hope you guys find something that works!

bluetoes said...

the fujifilm instax is a really decent alternative.
i like that their film is "widescreen"